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Wine Apartments are located in a beautiful wine region, created for spending free time in nature. You will fall in love with the Vráble wine region if you like wine and beautiful scenery of endless vineyards. The apartments are located in the town of Vráble and nearby pleasant places, which are ideal for walking, cycling, picnics.

Wine apartments are also an ideal starting point for trips to the surrounding area. We recommend you to visit, for example, the Arboretum in Mlyňany, the village of Topoľčianky with a classicist manor house and an extensive English park and a unique national stud farm in Topoľčianky. If you want to visit interesting Nitra attractions, the town is only 20 kilometers away.

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Viticulture in the area and activities

The history of vineyard cultivation and wine production dates to the Sumerians and Egyptians to almost 4000 years BC, where this plant probably got from Central Asia and the Caucasus. Archaeological finds document the beginnings of viticulture in Slovakia in the 7th century BC. It can be said with certainty that in our territory officially vineyards were grown, and wine produced by the Roman legion settled near the Danube only in the third century AD. In the following centuries, the cultivation of vineyards gradually expanded. The first preserved written mention is contained in Zoborské listiny from the years 1111 and 1113. The document from the year 1113 confirms the cultivation of the vineyard by Benedictine monks from the monastery of St. Hippolyt. Wine served not only for the needs of religious ceremonies, but also as an important trade item. Vineyards and wine from the territory of today's Slovakia have earned the favor of many monarchs in the following centuries.

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Vráble wine region belongs to the Nitra wine-growing region, which is described as the most diverse of all wine-growing areas in Slovakia. Its geographical diversity allows the creation of locally specific vineyards and offers many characters and styles of wine. It is divided into 9 wine-growing districts. Viticulture and vineyard cultivation has a very rich history in the region.

Ride your bike around the vineyards, go for a walk, picnic, running through the vineyards. You can also get acquainted with winemakers from the region at several wine festivals, exhibitions, harvest festivals, but also directly in the wine cellars and make your own wine route.

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Discover the surroundings – Arboretum Mlyňany

12 km from Wine Apartments

Arboretum Mlyňany, a special botanical garden, is a protected area in the village of Vieska nad Žitavou. It manages the largest collection of foreign trees in Slovakia and one of the richest in Central Europe and with an area of ​​67 ha is one of the largest in Central Europe. It was declared a protected area in 1951. It was founded in 1892 by Dr. Štefan Ambrózy - Migazzi, who had a beautiful romantic neoclassical manor house built here. The arboretum is a scientific workplace of the Slovak Academy of Sciences and is open to the public all year round, except for some holidays. There are more than 2,500 species of trees and plants in the whole area. It consists of five thematic sections and its own nursery with the sale of cultivated trees and flowers.

Discover the surroundings – Topoľčianky Castle

24 km from Wine Apartments, on the way is the Mlyňany Arboretum

The monumental, well-preserved classicist manor house is incorporated into a beautiful large English park. In the classicist wing there is a museum of historical furniture and home accessories, including carpets, embroidered oriental curtains, paintings, ceramics, clocks and weapons. All the exhibits were left here by the last owners when they left in October 1918 - Archduke Joseph August Habsburg and his wife Augusta, granddaughter of Emperor Francis Joseph I. The manor house includes a castle library, which contains more than 14,000 books, encyclopedias, botanical and zoological atlases. There are also two statues in the English park (a statue of a wild boar and a statue of a deer), the author of which was the acclaimed sculptor Alojz Štróbl. In 1970, the manor house was declared a national cultural monument. The Renaissance wings currently serve as a hotel.

Discover the surroundings – National Stud Farm

24 km from Wine Apartments, on the way is Arboretum Mlyňany

Founded in 1921, it is a specialized and unique facility of its kind for breeding horses of traditional and sporting breeds. In the stud farm you can ride a horse, ride a carriage, or visit the hippological museum, which is the only one in Slovakia.

Discover Nitra

14 km from Wine Apartments

Nitra is one of the oldest cities in Slovakia. It is a city of history, several sacred monuments, a city of culture, exhibitions, museums and galleries and a city of students. According to the information center, the TOP 10 Nitra includes the following: Castle Complex, Upper Town, Pedestrian Zone, Synagogue, City Park, Calvary, Zobor, Dražovský Church, Slovak Agricultural Museum and Zobor Monastery.

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We recommend you to not miss a visit to the castle. Nitra Castle, together with the fortifications, is the largest medieval fortified settlement. Let yourself be carried away by the time of history. From the castle grounds you will have a wonderful view of the hill Zobor.

In the upper town below the castle, enjoy the romantic streets, the charming atmosphere, the magnificent church buildings, the historical monuments. When visiting it, you will definitely not miss the statue of Corgoň, a young blacksmith who saved the castle from the Turks, the statue of Pribina and many other attractions.

If you want to go for a more demanding walk, about an hour's climb and reward yourself with beautiful views of the city, head straight to the Zobor hill. Start an easy hike with a tour of the remains of the oldest monastery in Slovakia. Zobor Monastery was established in the years 850-880 on the western slope of Zobor. The monastery is also associated with the oldest and most valuable written documents from our territory - Zobor documents, dating from 1111 and 1113. Even a document from 1113, which is a kind of inventory of property, confirms the cultivation of the vineyard by Benedictine monks from the monastery of St. Hippolyt. Wine was already an important trade item at that time.

The most photogenic place in the whole of Nitra is the Dražovský Church. Romanesque church of St. Michal Archangel from the turn of 11-12. century stands on a rocky hill in the city.

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